Wushu – Chinese Martial Arts (Kung-fu) is an Art of self-defense, philosophy, healing practice, and a way of life. It is also a spiritual practice with a history of several thousand years.

What does it mean to practice Wushu? Wu means martial or warrior, Shu means path. It does not mean to become a soldier or go to war. It means to live a BRAVE LIFE

When we look into history, Martial Arts did not develop from aggressivity, rather than defending the Life. We, as humans, have a basic instinct to survive, a meaning to live to preserve our lives. When we do it our life is born again. This instinct makes us alive, gives us energy. From this instinct, Martial Arts were born.

There are a lot of styles and even more schools of Martial Arts. Our school is called “The Soaring Eagle School” It was born in Russia in Voronezh, developed by Master Yuri Belov. He learned his skills in different parts of China (including the Shaolin monastery).

I invite you to my weekly classes

What do you learn?

– Basic techniques which you find in most styles
– The Soaring Eagle School
– individual forms and working with a partner.
– Learning the eight trigrams principles
– Weapons training
– Qi-gong
– Self Defence
– A personal training program is an option

Why should you do this?
– To get fit
– Learn Self-defence
– To understand your body and mind and release the stress
– To be mindful and to be in the present moment
– For the challenge, self-respect, and self-confidence
– To raise your life energy and for more quality in life
– For fun along the way