Demeter & Persephone Performance

It will open sensations and feelings in you. The energy will move and resonate with you. We explore this impulse during the dance journey, we have with you, after the performance. Eva will guide you through your experience and together we transform the experience into catharsis (purification).

The symbolic meaning of the Myth 

Demeter´s creation and Persephone´s journey to the Underworld and back are representing the cycle of the year.

Every Performance & workshop has a different topic. You are also very welcome only for performance!

Concept: Eva Bergerová
Persephone: Carla van der Aa 
Demeter: Eva Bergerová 

When: 29 Oktober (laatste voorstelling).
Where: Lijm en Cultuur Delft
Time: 19:30

How was the Performance created? 
The performance has a steady structure, but in some parts it is also improvised. So dancers and the audience stay in the moment.

We want to open sensations and feelings in you. Let´s dive deep into the myth. Into the fairytale times … See, what and how resonates in you. 

After the performance, you will have a chance to explore and transform during your own dance journey.


“Within the cycle of life, all things turn and reborn,
Moving and flowing in creation, ending, and creating again.
Each holy day is a part of the sacred circle,
Each season comes and goes, and reborn again,
As time spinals onwards.
Know that there is no beginning and no end.”